Have You Met Me?

Hello!  I'm glad you stopped by and hope you will visit often.

I'm Amanda.  I've been married to my husband, L, for seventeen years and we have two daughters.  I'm opinionated, high strung, and tend to attack everything with an enthusiasm that can sometimes get me into trouble.

L, bless his heart, spends his days swimming in a sea of estrogen.  For the most part he copes well but occasionally the girls and I make him three kinds of crazy (and it's only getting better worse).

Girly Girl (GG) is 16  She likes the outdoors, but she really enjoys a good shopping trip.

Nature Girl (NG) is 13.  She never turns down a trip even if it is to the mall, but she prefers to be outdoors hiking, geocaching, or playing with her cats.

Together GG and NG are the Girls, and most usually my trusty sidekicks.  Add L and I to the mix and we are a family.