Monday, May 27, 2013

She Misses Me...She Really Misses Me!!

Once again my nest is missing a chick

GG is currently at Harding University participating in the American Legion Auxiliary Girls State program.  This weekend I helped her pack and drove her to meet the family friend who would drive both our daughters down to the campus.  I will be picking them up on Friday and bringing them home.

Yesterday I received three phone calls:

- the first to let me know that  she had arrived safely (thank goodness!)
- the second to let me know that she had lucked out, gotten one of the best dorm rooms, it was basically an apartment, and all was just FABULOUS (umm...darn, great!)
- and the third to let me know she had been elected, was in the process of running for an office, their dorm toilet was clogged and due to the holiday it will probably be Tuesday before it can be fixed, and although they were friendly with the neighboring dorm room and could use their toilet it was really an inconvenience and was making her reevaluate the whole dorm living idea (awww, really?!?! as I fist pump the air and secretly smile to myself)  Don't judge!!

Today I received this text:

and then I received a phone call to tell me what has happened since the last time I spoke with her, what is suppose to happen until I speak with her again, and that she won't be needing that application in her room for Harding University because, "it's a nice campus and everything but I don't think it's really my thing and Momma it's really a ways from home...and I miss you"

That's right!  My baby chick is maturing into a homing pigeon.  I'm not saying I never want her to leave home, because I do.  However, it does my mommy heart good to know that she wants to come home. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Do A Little Dance, Sing A Little Song...Stay Up Late At Night!

Today has been a double whammy on the "YIPPEE" scale.

First, today is NG's birthday!  My baby is fourteen years old today.  Thank goodness I stopped aging last year or that might make me feel old.

Today we did lunch, made a Sonic run during "happy hour", and L picked up some chocolate crème horns at the bakery on his way home.  Friday I'll make my annual "it's NG's birthday" beer run and we'll have Grilled Beer Brats and cake. 

Secondly, today was The Girls official last day of school.  That's right! Can I get a woohoo?!?! 

There will be NO early bedtimes, NO early morning bus catching, and NO adhering to a strict school session enforced schedule.  There will be NO book reports (written about books that seem to torment not tantalize the young mind), NO progress reports (that, although they are good, still have the power to frighten both my children and I), NO school nurse reports (because my youngest has her mother's grace while walking falling down stairs).  There will be NO more permission slips, NO more "Right to Refuse" Forms, and NO more "the presence of at least one case of head lice has been verified on your child's bus" letters.  I will NOT be required to provide poster board, four dollars, a sack lunch, ten dollars, note cards, an "I didn't know you needed snack money today so take this" handful of change, another copy of the paperwork I've already provided, three dollars and a preference of color, excused absence notes, another ten dollars, glue sticks, an "I don't have that much cash I'll have to write a check" check, an entirely black outfit, two dollars...

This school year has been very good.  The Girls have held great grades.  NG won second place for her science fair project, received a Certificate Of Achievement for Science, and was awarded The President's Award For Educational Excellence.

Earlier this semester GG was honored as "Student of the Quarter".  She received a Writing Award for her work in Journalism and was inducted into the National Honor Society this year.  Next year NG will join GG at the high school and, for the first time in six years, The Girls will be on the same campus.

But for now The Girls and I are giddy with excitement to have this school year behind us and the summer break in front of us...and just so we get the summer break started off on the right foot...we're going shopping for celebratory shoes.