Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Pinterest Pin: DIY Shaving Lotion

I'm going to give this one a fifty/ fifty vote.  While it's not quite as good as shaving cream, it does have some great quailities.

A couple of weeks ago, while getting my Pinterest fix, I came across a pin for DIY Shaving Lotion.  Being the mother of two teenage girls (girls that share my toiletries whether I want them to or not) this seemed like a great idea. 

It's definitely cheaper, easy to make, and you can pick the smell of your choice.  However, it is thinner than the store bought product and therefore seems to require more time in the shower.  Some of you might recall that too much time in the shower can bring about the morphing of mean mommy, so the Girls try to avoid letting this con lead to trouble.

The recipe is very simple:

1 cup of shampoo
1 cup of conditioner
5 tbs. baby oil
5 tbs. lotion

Mix all ingredients together.  I used a whisk, this seemed to blend the lotion in better than just stirring with a spoon. 

Let sit for 1 hour.  I got busy with another project and let mine sit for longer than that.

Place in a container. I bought cheap clear plastic soap dispensers. They're easy to fill, and you can see how much is left in them.

Now what I need is a recipe for DIY Hairspray!


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