Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Pinterest Pin: Kiss Centered Brownie Bites

The vote for this one goes to fantastic.  Since the voting group was composed of teenage kids, you know it's got to be correct.

Last Sunday afternoon the Girls and I decided to put the left over kisses I bought to make treat bags to good use.  The original pin shows this recipe being made with Candy Cane Kisses.  We decided to use Mint Truffle Kisses.  You might also notice that the original pinterest pin picture has a more defined kiss shape in the middle?  I'm sure if we had been willing to wait longer than 10 seconds out of the oven to begin our taste testing our kiss would have been a little more defined in shape as well.  Don't judge!

I didn't have a mini cheesecake pan so we used a muffin pan and cupcake foils.  They worked great. 

The directions on the box didn't give a cook time for cupcakes but I cooked them for a total of 20 minutes at the recommended temperature for the brownie mix. 

The recipe made a total of 18 brownie cupcakes (but just barely).  We all got to eat one at home and the Girls took the rest to school for dessert at their respective lunch tables.  There are still some Cherry Cordial and Caramel Kisses is the refrigerator.  It looks like we're going to need another brownie mix.


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