Saturday, June 23, 2012

We Didn't Say It Was Your Fault...

...we said we were going to blame you.

One of L's close friends, R, works for Game and Fish; another of L's close friends, JA, wanted to work for Game and Fish, but didn't really want to move too far from his home county.  JA discussed his concerns with R and it was thought that his chances of being hired by Game and Fish were excellent and his chances of being assigned reasonably close to his home county were pretty good.  So JA decided to proceed with the application process. 

R was right, JA is what Game and Fish is looking for and they've hired him.  This next part is where R was not quite so right...JA has been assigned to the Delta region.  Want to know what is in the Delta region?  Alligators, and in a few months...JA and his family.

Now, is it R's fault that JA has been assigned to the Delta region?  Nope.  Are we blaming R for JA being assigned to the Delta region?  Yep.   

Last weekend we had a goodbyejawe'llseeyouagainsoon...maybe...unlessyougeteatenbyagator(thanksalotr) party.  After all, you know how much we enjoy eating and talking.  L, The Girls, and I even made a sign for this special occasion.

R made some signs of his own.  (As you can see this group of friends all share the same warped sense of humor.)

During the evening L and JA had the following conversation:

L: We'll come visit after y'all get settled.
JA: You'll drive all the way down there?
L: We drove to Kansas City for Amanda and GG to play in the mud.  We can drive to the Delta region to visit y'all.

So in a few months we'll be making a trip to the Delta region to visit JA and his family.  I'll let you know how that goes...unless I get eaten by a gator.  If that should happen just remember...blame R!!

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