Saturday, May 12, 2012

We Were Warriors! Really Really Muddy Warriors!

Last weekend the four of us were in Missouri for the Kansas City Warrior Dash 2012.  GG and I were registered to compete complete (we hoped), and L and NG went to cheer us on. 

We arrived in Kansas City around 5 pm, checked into our free hotel room, and GG immediately ran right into (and bounced off of) the mirrored closet door.  Yep, I was feeling real good about the prospect of her leaping over fire the next day!

We were up early the next morning eager to see what the day would hold.  The Girls and I sunscreened up and did our makeup while L snapped pictures and fought with Big Momma.

After a hearty breakfast (because if you're planning to wallow in mud while crawling under barbed wire you better eat your Wheaties) we were off to the airport to catch the shuttle bus. 

After picking up our packets and getting ready for our wave...

we took some time to look around.

We saw an Angry Bird...

some cave people...

and the Ass Family. 

As soon as the 9:00 wave was underway GG and I went to get in line. 

Check out our eyeshadow.  GG has a color called Viking Green that's a little too dark for everyday wear but she decided it was the perfect color for wallowing in mud so that's what we wore.

At 9:30 the flames ignited...

and we were off!!

It took us 1 hour and 58 seconds to complete the entire 3.1 miles plus obstacles course.

Check out the wipe out behind us.

We were greeted at the finish line by people giving out Warrior Medals, water, and bananas.  We all became instant friends!

 After completing the race we donated our shoes to Green Sneakers...

graciously gave out mud hugs...

took a warrior's shower...
(In case you're wondering what that is exactly?  That's when you willingly stand in front of a man gleefully wielding a fireman's hose and let him pummel you with freezing water under the guise of getting clean...ish)

and sat down to enjoy our much anticipated turkey leg.  We were so excited to get our turkey legs we completely forgot to take pictures with our warrior helmets on!

The entire trip was a blast.  L and NG have already made plans to join us next year for a Warrior Dash 2013.  After we all got back to the truck we  grabbed some towels and made a make shift changing area so we could throw on some clean clothes for the ride home... 

and we're almost certain there wasn't anyone around to see (or record) it.  But should you happen to come across our parking lot escapade on for us!


  1. That looks like tons of fun!

    1. It really was so much fun! You should join us next year! :)


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