Monday, May 21, 2012

Me On A Soapbox: Michelle On The Line

There are currently a total of four phones in my house; a land line, my addictive iPhone, L's mobile phone, and the cellphone we used to tag GG for migratory purposes.  Tonight, in less than a 30 minute span, every one of those phones rang.  Every call was a recorded message from Michelle Duggar, mother extraordinaire, with a very important and enlightening political message.  To be fair the only adjective I can actually verify in that statement is political since we all hung up before we could be enlightened and I don't know that I can sell the idea that anything connected with politics is important.

I personally don't have a problem with Michelle Duggar or the way she chooses to live her life.  It doesn't bother me that she and her husband, Jim Bob Duggar, have 19 children; they're not expecting me to help raise them, they don't expect my (or your) tax dollars to help support them, and therefore it's none of my business.  I don't agree with all of their conservative views (some, but not all) but I do respect their conviction to stand for what they believe it.  I have actually met Michelle and various members of her family on more than one occasion and will say that her 6 children (this is the smallest number I've ever seen her with) are better behaved than most other parents' 2 children.

No, my problem is not with Michelle Duggar or her lifestyle choices.  My problem is that I do not appreciate when people call me with something that (although they may consider it to be important) I consider worthless information and a great waste of my time.

I do not need Michelle to call and tell me who or what to vote for, I have grandparents for that.  I do not need someone to call and sell me siding or windows, I know where to find the Lowe's store.  I don't want to complete a phone survey on how I feel about television viewing in my home, if you're really interested you can click here and I'll tell you how I feel about television viewing in my home.  I'm not interested in your free cruise or trip to Disneyland, because I know you don't get anything for nothing (not even the free stuff).  I know there is currently no problem with my account (because I do NOT have an account with you), and therefore will not be returning your very urgent, very well meaning, somewhat fraudulent phone call.  I do not need you to help me find God, I have not lost Him (however, if you're having trouble locating Him I would be happy to help you search).  I do not wish to make a donation to your charity of choice, I already make donations to the charities of my choice (but if you're feeling particularly generous I'll be happy to accept your donation on behalf of my charity). 

So if you're preaching your support for something or someone, selling something, surveying something, giving something onlyfreebeforeyoureadthefineprint away, trying to protect my nonexistent account, offering to help me look for my He's still were He's always been God, or requesting a donation for an itsimportantenoughtoaskformymoneybutnotimportantenoughtogiveanyofyourown charity then... don't call me I'll call you. 

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