Monday, April 16, 2012

Who Doesn't Love A Depressed Donkey?

I love the entire Winnie the Pooh gang, but my absolute favorite is Eeyore.  My love for that little blue donkey is pretty well known, and occasionally someone will bring me an orphaned Eeyore who's in need of a good home.  This morning was just such a time.  This waited for me when I went to check my mailbox this morning, so I adopted him.

He now lives in my office with all the other adopted Eeyores, a singing duck that likes to bust a move because he's Happy (And He Knows It), a flower that knows how to shake that groove thing while crooning Build Me Up Buttercup, and a cow that poops candy while belting out Jingle Bells.  He'll be lucky if he can get a sad word in edgewise. 

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