Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sometimes Plan B Stinks...

...a lot!!

Last night was auction night, and M and I were in attendance.  Unfortunately, about 5 minutes after I arrived I realized I had made a serious error.  Do you know what serves as a bathroom at this auction?  That's right, a porta-potty (and it's been there a while).  But desperate times call for desperate measures and that meant my options were suck it up and use the smelly thing or leave (and we all know that wasn't going to happen). 

So after a quick trip to my truck for supplies, because it's been my experience that most porta-potties are a BYOTP type party, we were off to the facilities; me to make use of it and M to stand outside and be my Lassie dog just in case I fell in the well.  I also made her hold my iPhone, because as much as I happen to think I can't live without it, that's one place I would refuse to go in after it if it were to be dropped. 

All I'm going to say about the experience is this:  the moment when you're squeezed into a smelly plastic box, hovering above the toilet, and holding onto the bottoms of your pants legs (because you do not want them touching the floor) isn't the time to have performance anxiety.  When the experience was over it was back to my truck for hand sanitizer because although I was pretty certain I hadn't peed on my hand, I couldn't be sure no one else had.

Now just in case you're wondering...yes, taking a picture of the porta-potty did get me some strange looks; and yes, there was someone in it when I took the picture (no, I don't know who).

Then it was back to the auction.  You can find the darnedest things at these places!  Last night I bought this box of junk trinkets...

for this particular treasure.

That's right!  I am now the proud owner of a cow that sticks it's tongue out, winks with holographic eyes, has a bottle cap remover for horns, and a corkscrew tail.  Totally worth the trip to the porta-potty!!

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