Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Out Of Their Comfort Zone

Tomorrow morning I leave for Orlando, Florida for a business trip.  Due to the early flight departure I'll be spending the night in town.  That means L is now the official "go to, problem solving, decision making parent".  I'm not sure who is more concerned about this shift in power, L or The Girls.

L has agreed to wake The Girls up on time to avoid another two snooze buttons and a dog walk too late incident, and to deal with girl stuff that can't wait until I return home.

In return, The Girls have agreed not to overwhelm L with makeup issues, wardrobe malfunctions, shoe crisises, sibling conflicts, and teenagegirlyoureallyshouldaskyourmotherbecauseI'mpretendingyourstill4drama. 

It's probably a good thing L has already scheduled a night out with the guys this weekend.  I'm betting he's going to need the shot of testosterone.  As for myself, I'm not really worried about them.  I know L will handle the important stuff, and everything else can just wait until mom get's home.

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