Friday, April 6, 2012

My Nest Is Missing A Chick...

...but I'm still tracking her location.

In February GG participated in a Spanish competition.  She did very well, well enough to place and move on to the state competition.  The state competition takes place at a college two hours away, which will require the students to stay overnight.  When GG told us this L and I discussed it and agreed to let her go.  I also offered to go with her.  She declined, and I didn't take it personally...much.

Last night I helped her pack her bag (and made sure she included her cell phone and charger).  This morning we wished her luck, told her we loved her, and put her on the bus.

L and I knew this day would come.  That's why we bought her a cell phone; not because all the other kids had one, not so she could talk to her friends anytime she wanted, and not because she needed to have one but because we needed her to have one.  It was to tag her...for migratory purposes.

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  1. lol...Scary times raising a teen huh? She's a good girl though and she'll be fine!