Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Give Me A Coupon And I'll Follow You Anywhere

I've spent the last three days in Hot Springs, AR.  It's a beautiful town to visit.  One of my favorite things to do is walk Bath House Row.  Here's why...

It's absolutely beautiful!

On my way back to the hotel I passed a woman standing on the sidewalk giving out coupons for a restaurant at the top of the stairs. 

There's a restaurant up there?  It looked a little questionable, but I had a coupon: Buy one order of Beignets get one free.  In case you're wondering, a beignet  is basically a French doughnut covered in powdered sugar.  So with my coupon in hand and the promise of deep-fried pastries covered in sugary goodness, I climbed the stairs. 

Guess what?!?!  There really is a restaurant up there: Andrews Restaurant & Bakery.

It turns out there's a sign too, but it's almost as well hidden as the stairs.

The beignets were great...

and so was the calamari. (Yes, I know it's squid, but it's still yummy!)  So I now have a new favorite restaurant that I must visit the next time I'm in town.

On another note, I arrived home to be told by GG, "We're so glad you're home.  Yesterday Daddy woke us up two snooze buttons and a dog walk too late."  NG weighed in with, "Yea, I had to go to school la natural."  That translates into without make-up not without clothes.

It's good to be missed!! Lol!

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