Sunday, April 29, 2012

Did You Know We Attended The Royal Wedding?

Yep, that's right!  One year ago today I took the day off work, one of my best friends, C, came to my house and we watched attended the royal wedding of Prince William Mountbatten-Windsor to Kate Middleton.

We made ourselves some very stylish hats for the occasion (I sported some lovely silk purple roses on a Susan G Komen ball cap while C wore a very trendy straw cowboy hat wrapped in a lei),

we made fun of discussed the poor choice of Princess Beatrice's ugly unfortunate hat (I later joined a Facebook support group for the deer that die so she could have said hat),

we drank English Tea (with milk),

we marveled at Kate's sister Pippa, Pippa's dress (and the Pippa butt in it),

we snacked on French Pastries (we believe in equal opportunity),

we watched with great anticipation to see Kate's dress as she stepped from the car (the dress
GG snuck a peek at and then left message on my cell phone just before getting on the bus that morning said, "I just wanted to let you know I got to see the dress before you did!!  Hahahaha Hahahaha!!"  She sounded a little lot like Woody Woodpecker.)

we ate finger sandwiches (OK, they were regular sandwiches, but we cut them in fourths and ate them with our fingers),

we sang God Save The Queen (alright we mumbled and hummed along in a slightly off key but very enthusiastic fashion),

we switched to soda (after all when you're not English you can only drink so much tea),

we watched the couple exchange their vows (while running a side commentary),

we had celebratory petit fours (with coffee.  Don't judge!),

we eagerly awaited the newest royal couple, William and Kate Mountbatten-Windsor, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, in their balcony appearance (and their balcony kiss),

and in general had a jolly good time.  Is there any other kind of time to have?!?!

Today in honor of William and Kate's first anniversary I think we'll have pizza, iced tea, and cookies.  After all, it would be wrong of us not to celebrate their happiness.  In fact it could probably be considered unsouthern, and we can't have that!

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