Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Classes Start Tomorrow, The Education Started Today

My coworker R and I are currently in Orlando, Florida for a convention/ learning seminar. 

Classes don't actually start until tomorrow but our education started early (at the butt crack of dawn early) this morning.  I can honestly say we haven't had a dull moment since we pulled out of the driveway.  Here are ten things we've learned today.

1.  Traffic lights are not at their most efficient at 4:30 am. I recommend looking both ways (to make sure there are no witnesses oncoming traffic) and then proceeding on. 

2.  Dressing in business casual attire and holding a laptop carry-on is apparently a red flag in Memphis and will get you pulled aside for a random security check, twice. 

3.  Having something unexpected in your laptop carry-on (like the movie Sybil) makes for interesting conversation during random security checks.  It also seems to puzzle concern the security guards, but since it doesn't contain sharp objects or more than 3 ounces of fluid they will let you go.

4.  If someone with a really heavy accent gives you directions in English and you don't understand but you nod like you comprehended every word and walk'll still be lost. 

5.  If you use google maps to find your hotel but neither you or your travel companion know which way is N/S/E/'ll still be lost.  We did eventually find our hotel... and then we lost it again.

6.  You really should verify that you've returned to the correct hotel after lunch before giving the valet driver the car keys and telling the front desk you would like to check in.  There is a big difference between the Rosen Centre Hotel and the Rosen Plaza Hotel.  One will give you a room key and directions to the elevators, the other will give you a strange look and directions to your hotel (and return your car keys so you can leave).

7.  Reading signs will help, reading them correctly will help more.

8.  U turns are your friend.    

9.  When shopping for shoes you should remember that ugly cost extra,  

and injuring yourself while shoe shopping is not a legitimate workman's comp claim.

10.  You will improve at following directions when you have the proper motivation.


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