Friday, March 30, 2012

You Don't Get Anything For Nothing (Not Even The Free Stuff)

A few months ago, while I was at the bank, the teller that waited on me asked if I was using their UChoose Rewards Program because she had noticed we had several points banked.  That's what happens when you bank at the same place for 10 years and don't realize you belong to a rewards program.  I told her no and asked for details.  After all, I like rewards, I like choices, and most importantly I have points (which to my frugal ear sounded like a form of currency). 

The program works like this:
  • when using your debit card simply click credit instead of debit and earn reward points
  • you earn 1 point for every 5 dollars spent
  • you can only earn a maximum of 25 points per transaction (which is $125 worth of points, so any money spent above that amount in the same transaction isn't counted at all)
  • accrue 2500 points and you will become eligible to start redeeming your points for the reward(s) of your choice
Since we're going to need a hotel room when we go to Kansas City for the Warrior Dash I decided to see if I could use our points to secure one.  Turns out I can.  That's right!!  For the low low price of 9,994 points I reserved us a hotel room just 15 minutes from where we'll be racing.  Frugal Me was ecstatic (and feeling the slightest bit smug about the whole thing) until Practical Me pointed out that our free hotel room actually cost (9,994 x $5) $49,970.  Now if you'll excuse me...due to disappointment, Frugal Me needs a cookie.

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