Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Pinterest Pin: Cake Plates

I'm going to give this vote to fantastic.  They didn't turn out perfect but they're still very suitable for what I needed.

Remember that pin I found on Pinterest about how to make your own cake plates?  Those cake plates I wanted to make for J's baby shower?  Those cake plates that would require me to get in touch with my nonexistent creative me? The ones I was so determined to make that I was willing to brave the cold?

Well I made them a couple of weeks ago.  The weather finally turned pretty for a few days so I took an afternoon off work and came home early to assemble and paint my cake plates.  I pulled up my Pinterest account located my trusty pin and prepared to read the how to's of this particular project.  That's when I hit a little snag.  That particular pin is linked to a blog that isn't written in English.  It did, however, have pictures.  So after observing the pictures I decided creative me would fake it! 

The process was pretty simple:

I washed and dried my dishes,

determined which bases would be paired with which plates, centered them, and glued them together.

I used a 5 minute Epoxy suitable for glass, ceramic, and china.  It had a 5 minute handling time, 10 minute set time, and a 1 hour cure time.  I gave them 30 minutes and then transported them to the shop to begin the painting process.

I found that pedistals are a little more difficult to do.  I also had to be careful about the plates sticking to the newspaper.  After I was done with the painting and the paint had a chance to dry to the touch I coated them with a spray glaze that I also purchased at Lowe's.  When it was all said and done frugal me and practical me were pretty impressed with creative me's ability to glue and spray paint dishes.


  1. Melissa McTiernanMay 13, 2012 at 8:43 PM

    Question... what kind of paint did you buy and what kind of glue. This looks awesome. We are having a dessert auction at church and this would be a perfect presentation!

    1. So sorry I'm just now replying, I just now realized a comment had been made. I used Valspar spray paint for glass and a 5 minute epoxy for ceramics and glass. I bought both at Lowe's. :)