Thursday, March 22, 2012

Our St. Paddy Saturday: Free Hot Dogs, Elvis (In His Undies), And More

This past Saturday was St. Patrick's Day and customer appreciation day at Sister's 2 Flea Market in Alma, AR.  Every booth was having a sale, they were giving away a free gift with every purchase, and they were  serving free hot dogs.  So of course the Girls and I wanted to go.  M, who is the one who clued me in on this grand event, also went and took her daughter.

We spent the morning walking through the flea market searching for bargains and making our own entertainment. 

  • We verified that carnival glass comes in more than one color.
  • We found a glass house.
  • GG found a fashion statement.
  • I found a project for L (I know he'll be able to make a bench just like this if I set his mind to it).
  • We found some great bargains (I bought some more cast iron skillets and a trivet).
  • And we ate a hot dog.

From there we headed for Lake Fort Smith State Park to search for the state park cache. Forty-five minutes later and 95 feet from where it should have been GG finally located it.  Can you see it?

We dropped our dice, claimed a bracelet, and were on our way.

We planned to go to Devil's Den State Park on our way home and grab that state cache as well.  When we arrived we ran into a little snag.  There's no cell service there.  The geocache app is designed so that you can save the coordinates of a particular cache and then if you don't have any cell service you can use the saved coordinates and a compass to find your way.  Do you remember that when the girls and I first started geocaching we didn't know how to read a compass?  Well that hasn't changed.  So if you happen to get lost where storefronts are not visible, you might want to phone a different friend.

But all was not lost.  We quickly moved on to plan B and went hiking instead. 

When we went to check out at Sisters 2 there was a copy of the vintage Army photograph of Elvis in his underwear.  The Girls and I had gotten into a discussion with M's daughter about the fact that he had served at Fort Chaffee in Fort Smith.  After we got home that night I got a call from M wanting to know if I had purchased that photograph.  It would seem that when she unpacked her purchases that photograph had been wrapped, packed, and placed among them.  She thought perhaps it should have gone in my bag instead.  This puzzled us for a few moments until it occurred to me...weren't we suppose to get a free gift with every purchase?!?!  The Girls quickly searched our bag and found that we too were the proud owners of Elvis in his underwear.

The Girls and I are going to look for a picture of Madonna in her cone bra and make ourselves a collage.

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