Saturday, March 3, 2012

Yes, I Am A Thrill Seeking Roller Coaster Junkie, And I'm Raising Two More!!

Yesterday I booked a condo in Oak Harbor, Ohio.  Want to know what's in Oak Harbor, Ohio?  Yea, me too!  And I will be googling it to find out, thank goodness for Google.

Now let me tell you what's in Sandusky, Ohio, located approximately half an hour from our condo in Oak Harbor.  Cedar Point Amusement Park, home of 16 (that's right 16) roller coasters.  Alright, 17 if you count Jr. Gemini; but since you have to be shorter than 54" or accompanied by a child, I don't.  The roller coaster shown on top is the Corkscrew, and the one on the bottom is the Millennium Force.  Don't those look fun?!?!

I love roller coasters, and so do the Girls!  Dips, flips, loops, drops, hills, tunnels, metal, wood, standing, sitting, floor, no floor, outside, inside, daylight, or dark?!?!  No problem.  Required height 54"??  Problem!  It's hard to be a thrill seeking roller coaster junkie looking for your next fix when you're vertically challenged, and it's just as hard to be a thrill seeking roller coaster junkie looking for your next fix when your two trusty sidekicks are vertically challenged.  So, even though we have wanted to go for the last two years, this is the first year it has actually been feasible.  Apparently booster seats aren't an acceptable solution on a 60mph standing roller coaster with a 145-foot climb, followed by a dive into a 119-foot giant loop, then a 103-foot tall dive loop, then an inclined loop and a flat spin maneuver.  Are you still with me? 

L, however, isn't much of a thrill seeking roller coaster junkie.  And when I say isn't much of, what I mean is L hates roller coasters.  The truth is he isn't a big fan of thrill rides of any kind.  According to him the teacups "aren't meant to be kept spinning that fast for the entire duration of the ride", I happen to disagree.  We now take separate teacups. 

So since L doesn't care for roller coasters, and the majority of this vacation will be spent riding them, this trip will just be a thrill seeking roller coaster junkie and her two trusty finally over 54" tall thrill seeking roller coaster junkie sidekicks.  But since even the best of us adrenaline junkies have our limits, we'll also be looking for other entertainment while we're up there.  So if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them.

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