Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Married...With Black Coffee

I'm a creature of habit.  As I've said before, the trouble with spontaneity is I never have enough time to plan.  I love to make lists and I love having a plan B...because when you don't have a plan B things get complicated.

My morning routine rut was interrupted this morning, so when I got in my vehicle to leave for work I realized I had forgotten to put on my wedding ring.  As I was going back in the house to get it I spilled coffee on my skirt.  By the time I ironed another skirt, put on my wedding ring, and got back in the vehicle to come to work I was running late; so I didn't have time to stop by the grocery store to buy more coffee creamer (and I love my creamer).

I think next time I'll just be single...with creamer.

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