Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Married...In A Wrapping Skirt

And that's why...

you shouldn't wear a wrapping skirt in 26 mph winds.  It will go from being a skirt to a cape almost as quickly as you'll go from being a wallflower to the main attraction in the grocery store parking lot and you'll end up flashing the man parked across from you while trying to load your groceries into your vehicle.

Now that I think about it...

If my routine hadn't been interrupted this morning I wouldn't have forgotten my wedding ring.  If I hadn't forgotten my wedding ring I wouldn't have needed to go back into the house to get it.  If I hadn't gone back into the house to get it I wouldn't have spilled coffee on my corduroy skirt.  If I hadn't spilled coffee on my corduroy skirt I wouldn't have needed to change.  If I hadn't needed to change I wouldn't have been wearing a wrapping skirt today during 26 mph winds today. 

Yep, next time I'll just be single...in corduroy 

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