Monday, March 12, 2012

Just Wait Until Mom Get's Home

This weekend was J's baby shower.  In preparation for the event I made plans to stay at my sister-in-law T's house so we could get an early start Saturday morning.  When you have children you should always expect the unexpected, so it didn't come as much of a shock to me when GG called Friday afternoon to let me know she and NG were home and that NG wasn't feeling well.

L called me back, after assessing the situation, to tell me it appeared to be a virus and he had things under control.   Thirty minutes after I got home on Saturday afternoon NG broke out in a rash.  I immediately knew NG's illness had just gone from virus to strep.  So after a quick call to our family doctor to explain the symptoms and beg for a prescription to avoid an ER visit, I called L to let him know what was going on, and the Girls and I were on our way back to town to get NG's antibiotic.

The last time I was out of town for a business trip I called home several times to check on everyone.  Not because I don't think L can't handle it (because I know the Girls are in good hands), but because I'm the momma and that's what we do.  L assured me everything and everyone was fine.

When I got home the following conversation occurred:
(in the yard)
L: Glad you're home, I missed you.
Me: I missed you too.  How are the Girls?
L: They're fine, GG's already done her homework and NG is still working on hers.
(in the house)
Me: Hey girls, how was school?
GG: I got bit by the classroom gerbil. See?
NG (in tears): I wrote my math assignment down wrong and made an F on my homework today.
As I turn and look at L he says: They were fine until you got home!

Next month I have two business trips, but I'm not worried.  I know L can handle things while I'm gone, and all the exciting stuff waits until I come home.

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