Tuesday, March 20, 2012

J's Baby Shower

As most of you know I've spent the last couple of months planning a baby shower for J and Baby W.  I made cake plates, made old dishes new again, and colored flowers.  I practiced recipes for punch, crab dipTwirly Burlies, and pizza pinwheels.

Last weekend all that planning came together and we celebrated the upcoming arrival of Baby W.

However, there are some things you just can't plan for.  Like the fact that the flowers I bought to color had at some point gotten too hot and therefor would not soak up the dye, or the fact that the same evening I made plans to stay at T's house so we could get an early morning start NG came home from school with what we later found out was strep throat, or the fact that for some reason (that I can not explain because I certainly didn't order it that way) there was a random star painted onto the cake, or the fact that although I purchased blue napkins they were no where to be found when we went looking for them.  No, those are not things you can plan for, they're just things you deal with. 

The star didn't bother me too much.  After all it was still cake icing and who can be to bothered by something as yummy as cake icing?!  But those blue napkins (or the lack there of) drove me nuts!

But we managed to work it out.  L took care of NG since I couldn't be there, the star on the cake made a great conversation piece, and T and I made an early morning trip to the local Neighborhood Market for more flowers and a couple of last minute must haves (they didn't have any blue napkins, I looked!).  Since I hadn't planned on making a trip to the grocery store that morning but I had planned on keeping my hair in Velcro rollers until just before the shower started, guess what?!?!  That's right... I went to the grocery store wearing rollers.  This greatly amused T and she insisted on getting a picture.  Does this make me an official People of Walmart?

T and I spent the morning cooking, cleaning, prepping, and finishing the decorating. Later we drafted S, J's sister, to help with the last minute details.


The shower started at 10:30 a.m., and the next 2 1/2 hours were a baby shower extravaganza.

There was food...





and fellow baby bumps.

We all brought a copy of our favorite children's book for Baby W's library,

and later got a sneak peak of the nursery.  Click here to check out the rest of the nursery decor.

A special thanks to K with Designs By Kiva and AD with Click Click Zoom Photography for taking pictures.

Everyone seemed to have a good time.  Most importantly J had a good time and that's what really mattered.

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