Monday, March 19, 2012

A Girls Day: In NG's Words

Today it was just me and my youngest sidekick.  You can read an account of our day in her own words below.

As told by NG...

Today my mom and I had a girls day.  We had originally planned to go to the Gentry Safari but since it was supposed to rain we made a plan B.  Plan B was to get pedicures, see a movie, and then go to a Mary Kay party.

When we got pedicures it was awesome!  I chose a mango color with glitter and my mom chose hot pink.  Then we grabbed a quick bite to eat and then went to see our movie, The Lorax.  It was very funny.  Some of it was kind of weird, but I liked it a lot.  Then we went to Sonic and then on to the Mary Kay party.

Our friend JJ met us at the party.  I didn't know how to put on hardly anything so my mom helped me.

I looked like I was going to Prom!

My dad thought I looked beautiful.  After the party we came home.  Today was a blast!!

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