Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dry Land Fishing (Not Even A Nibble)

I don't know if you've ever eaten a morel mushroom, also known in our neck of the woods as dry land fish, but my family and I love them.  Unfortunately there is a very limited season for these treasures and it takes some skill to find them.  A skill that we all seem to lack.

Thursday there was an article in the local newspaper saying that morel mushroom season is early this year and this weekend should be prime mushroom hunting fishing season.  So L, the Girls, and I decided to try a little dry land fishing today.

So after breakfast we all got ready and hiked to the back 20 acres to catch ourselves a mess of morels. 

We found a box turtle, but no morels

so we kept looking.

This little guy found L (literally ran right up his pant leg), but still no morels

so we went back to looking.

We finally found some mushrooms, but they weren't morels.

So we quit trying to find morels and found our way home.

I'm convinced if they grew out of the ground already battered and fried in butter we'd be much more successful at sniffing them out.

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