Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our Weekend: On The Go Until It Was Gone!

Isn't he cute?!?!  Want to take a guess on how much he cost?

We were busy this weekend.  So take a deep breath and I'll give a quick recap.

I started the weekend by making one of our favorites, Apple Oven Pancake, for breakfast, you can click here to get that recipe.

GG and I made a quick trip into town to do some baby shower prepping. 

We started with ordering the cake...

then went to pick out a children's book for Baby W...

and finally we made a quick stop to pick up some shower decorations, and lime green shirts for L and the Girls to wear later that evening.

Alright, take another deep breath.  Ya' ready?  I let GG drive part of the way home, since she's legal now.

I made another trial run recipe for the baby shower.  They were originally called Cottage Cheese Delights, but had to be renamed.  So now they're Twirly Burlies, you can click here to get that recipe, and an explanation as to why they were renamed.

We went to a community pie auction/ benefit that night for our neighbors.  That's what the lime green shirts were for.  Several people in our community have been wearing these shirts in support of B and her journey to hear.  Since L and the Girls didn't have B's Journey shirts I grabbed them a lime green shirt each so they would blend.

Did you happen to catch the part about an auction? with pie? and people?  I was happy as a pig in slop, or in this case in pie.  You can click here to get the official definition of that southernism.  What's not to be happy about?!?!  You know how much I love auctions, and eating and talking!

Pink is a good color for him.

So how much did you guess this little chicken cake sold for?

Did you guess $105.00?  No?!?  Then you guessed wrong!  The way the bids kept going up I was beginning to think he was going to poop an engagement ring or something.

Sunday afternoon was way too pretty to spend inside. 

So the Girls and I went to Van Winkle Hollow Trail and had a picnic...

did some hiking and exploring...

tried to make new friends...

The sign said "all pets must be on a leash", and so he was.  He didn't seem to be any more impressed with his owner's desire to follow the rules than he was with NG's friendly overture.

had an impromptu photo session...

did a lot of goofing off...

and a little geocaching.

All this pretty weather has made us anxious for spring!  What adventure did you have this weekend?

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