Monday, February 27, 2012

Oh Boy! That's Not An Opossum!

Meet Lacey, our outside (fat) cat, otherwise known at our house as the old lady.

We have an opossum that keeps stealing her food and threatening to beat her up, and a stray tomcat that keeps beating her up and then stealing her food.  Yes she's a little bit of a victim, and yes we realize missing a meal wouldn't exactly hurt her; but she's lived here for almost 13 years, that gives her seniority, and beating up the old lady and/or leaving her hungry is not acceptable.

So last week L borrowed a live trap, and baited it guessed it!  Cat food.  A couple hours later we caught an opossum.  Unfortunately, since it was dark, L grabbed the wrong handle, opened the cage to soon, and he got away.  Apparently that particular opossum is a quick study though, because he hasn't been back.

Today when the Girls and I got home the trap had been thrown and we had captured a new critter.

We don't really mind the squirrels (or the birds) eating the cat food since they pack it off one piece at a time, and they seem to be able to live in harmony with the old lady

So we decided to let him go before he worked himself into a heart attack.  Now you can tell from the pictures that Rocky obviously isn't a flying squirrel.  However...

when he left the porch he was most definitely airborne!!

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