Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Next Best Thing

M and I were so disappointed to discover the auction was cancelled on Tuesday night, but we quickly recovered, formulated a Plan B, and carried on.

This was our Plan B.

We got to Belle's Plantation about 4:20 and they're only open until 5.  That meant we were going to have to speed shop.  Fortunately we have been in training for this...for years.  When we were given the 5 minutes until close announcement we had found the items necessary to make 4 cake plates. 

Across the road from Belle's we saw this. 

So across the road we went to find out how late they would be open.  The man that runs the place said he would give us 10 minutes.  It wasn't a lot of time, but being the highly trained speed shoppers that we are, it was doable.  I'm really not kidding about the speed shopping thing.  The mall during Christmas season on our lunch hour is our personal best.

This building (I would refer to this business by name but I don't know it) was literally full.  There are just trails through everything, very small put your purse in front of you while you walk because you'll knock something off if you leave it on your shoulder trails.  I'm pretty certain he's a hoarder, and M is convinced there are critters living in there somewhere.  We loved it!!  I found great things, including this really dirty really cool dish that I really didn't need but now own. 

After we left there M headed home and I headed to Lowe's to get the paint and glue. 

I couldn't decide on the colors so I texted J a picture and asked her to help.  It's moments like this that only increase my addiction.  She chose aqua, yellow, lime green, and pink.  I also threw in the purple, grabbed a can of top coat and some epoxy and was on my way. 

At this point I called my sister-in-law T to see if she had time for me to run by her house and show her my finds.  She did! This is why I love her!!  I went through the Chick-fil-a drive thru (twice) and headed over to her house. 

When I got home, at eleven, L wanted to know what could have possibly taken so long.  I explained that when two women get together, without husbands, children, etc., to distract them they talk.  His response?  "I didn't think you could talk that long."  Sometimes I swear it's like he's never met me, I can talk so much I burn the brownies.

I'm anxious to get started on this project but it's looking like I may have to wait a little while.  The epoxy and paint need at least 60 degree weather for optimum results and we're expecting a snow storm tonight.  Have I mentioned how much I hate cold weather?  On the upside, guess who still doesn't have to shave her legs?!?!

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