Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Eating And Talking: A Love Story

It was the best of time's, with a few worser times... so here's our weekend in a nut shell.

I spent Friday night making arrangements to borrow a truck, trailer, and some manpower to haul a tractor home this weekend.

GG had a Spanish competition and had to be dropped at the school early on Saturday morning. 

We had plans for dinner at our friends' house Saturday night and I had plans to attend the Dessert Exchange on Sunday afternoon.  (You can check out what a Dessert Exchange is here on my niece J's blog, and if you have time check out some of her DIY projects too.)   This meant I spent all morning cooking.  I made Peach Trifle, Tunnel of Fudge Cake, and Blueberry Delight.

Saturday afternoon my uncle V and my cousin S went with me to buy, load, and haul a tractor L was supposed to have already owned 1/5 of.  Yea, it's one of those stories.  The kind that involves greed, deception, and a lack of class.  I could go on and on about this entire situation, but as I've said before "no good comes from dwelling on that which cannot be changed".  L and his sister T now securely hold an important piece of their father's legacy, mission accomplished!  I will say this though, when it came to loading that tractor (and it is heavy), V and S ROCKED!!  I was absolutely no help at all, my job was to stay out of the way. 

From there I went to pick up GG and then it was on to meet L and NG at our friends TC and SC's house for supper.  TC grilled some amazing steaks and SC provided wonderful side dishes including Greenbean Casserole, which I love but never make because L is allergic to greenbeans and the Girls don't like it.  We spent the evening eating, talking, and having a wonderful time.  I loved it!

Sunday morning was spent cleaning out the shop to create an area for the tractor.  Sunday afternoon I was off to my niece J's house for the much anticipated Dessert Exchange.  It was fantastic!  We spent the afternoon eating, talking, and having a wonderful time.  I loved it!

The moral of the story?  If I'm eating and talking then I'm doing two things I love, and I'm having a wonderful time!

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