Monday, January 9, 2012

We Need A Hero!

Go get the cat!

I guess it's not so much a who but a what lives in the wood pile.

We have a small gas heater in our kitchen but our main source of heat comes from the wood stove in our living room.  We store the wood we cut for the season in our barn and move it to the porch as we need it.  Since our porch supply was low and the weather was decent we decided to move more this weekend.

Earlier this fall while we were stacking wood in the barn we had found a packrat's nest.  But this weekend? Well...we found the packrat.  GG chose to acknowledge this find with an extremely high pitched squeal, while NG chose a quieter notification of performing an impressive stomp dance across her end of the barn.  L immediately grabbed a stick of firewood and commenced to smacking at the packrat while I stood close by and cheered him on with an enthusiastic chant of "get 'em, get 'em, get 'em, get 'em".  He did not get 'em.

Our next course of action was to bring in Smudge, our killer cat.  We've had Smudge since he was approximately 8 days old.  L dug him out from beneath my brother's house after his mother was hit by a car.  We brought him home and raised him on a bottle, that was almost 5 years ago.  He is the biggest tomcattin' untomcatted cat I have ever seen, he chases everything.  So we brought him in to help us flush out the freeloader.

L started moving wood while I stood by armed with Smudge.  My plan was to fling Smudge on the packrat, sort of like a hand held cat grenade, and watch him explode on that rodent's nasty little butt.  And that's sort of how it went. 

When we located the packrat I pitched Smudge in his direction.  Being the well trained exterminating machine that he is he immediately gave chase, and the packrat ran... straight for the four of us.  We immediately scattered while most of us yelled encouragement (someone, I probably shouldn't mention names, it was GG, was just yelling in general) at Smudge.  I really think Smudge would have caught him if he hadn't had to dodge four overexcited onlookers.  For now the packrat has escaped, but we aren't giving up.  And by we I mean Smudge because apparently our hero would rather work alone.

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