Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Me On A Soapbox; Newt On The Moon

I don't watch the news.  There's never anything good to report and I find that whole naysayer practice to be very disturbing.  I don't follow politics.  There's never anyone good to report on and I find that whole backbiting practice to be equally disturbing.  And it's not that I really have anything against the practice of politics, it's the politicians I can't stand.  I think they're pretentious idiots lacking the most basic amount of common sense, who have no real grasp of what life is like for the average person living in this country.  I don't even watch the weather.  It's still a hit and miss practice and besides there's an app for that. 

So last night when L decided to watch a little CNN before going to bed I inadvertently suffered from political news exposure.  This morning I'm still experiencing side effects; a sense of bewilderment and disbelief, a sadness from the realization that the leaders of our country have no real ability to prioritize, and  moments of rage from knowing that the hole being dug for us, our children, their children, and so on only continues to grow bigger.

The political news story which I suffered exposure from?  Newt Gingrich wants to colonize the moon!  Isn't that great?!?!  Now I do have to give him credit for the way he presented this.  What he said was: "By the end of my second term we will have the first permanent base on the moon, and it will be American.”  Translation?  Elect me for president twice; don't be disappointed when I don't accomplish this during the first four years of my presidency (after all that's not what he promised), re-elect me for a second term because that's when I'm going to get er' done.  And if he doesn't accomplish this by the year 2020?  So what?  After all, what are the American people going to do then, refuse to vote for him?  Oh!  Wait!  Right!  He's not going to care!!!

But now back to the real issue.  Why in the world (no pun intended) do we need a colony on the moon?!?!  This would be an example of that inability to prioritize I was talking about. 

Our government almost shut down twice last year due to budget issues.  Our country is currently, and by currently I mean at the time I was actually writing this blog, $15,297,016,297,843 in debt.  If you want to check the new current debt total, and by current I mean at the time you are actually reading this blog, click here.  That means this country can't afford to colonize the moon.  This country can't afford to spend $20 at another country's moon colony for a souvenir moon pie.  Our country's unemployment rate currently resides around 8.5%, that's approximately 13.1 million people without jobs.  That means 13.1 million people are also potentially without all of those frivolous things that come from having a job; health insurance, retirement, a home, food, heat, water, electricity, a vehicle, gas for a vehicle (because they don't make the Fred Flintstone model anymore), clothes/ shoes, medicine, and toilet paper.

For the record, had a government shutdown actually occurred our American soldiers, and I've been very clear on how I feel about our American soldiers click here if you don't remember,  would have still been required to report for duty but would have been paid retroactively.  As a civilian, if the company you worked for said sorry, we're out of money but you can come in and work anyway, we'll just pay you when we get it sorted out.  Okie dokie? chances are you'd take a pass on that offer.  That's not an option for military personnel.  In fact failure to report for duty is considered a dereliction of duty, can lead to a court martial, and if convicted is punishable by a dishonorable discharge, forfeiture of all pay and allowances, and confinement for 1 year. Unless it happens during times of war, then punishment can include the death penalty.  Our country has been at war for the last ten years!  Doesn't that just give you the warm fuzzies?

But wait!  There's more!  We, and by we I mean our country as a whole, also have problems with immigration control, health care (and the lack thereof) , homeless (some of these are our American soldiers/ veterans, you know the people that fought to protect our country?), children lost in government systems (and some just lost), environmental problems, human trafficking, drugs (another war we're not winning), alcohol (ditto), school shootings, teen pregnancy, a decline in morality, a breakdown of the traditional family, a blatant disrespect for God and religion as a whole, and an increasing disregard for human life in general.  And let's not forget that ever so often we as a country seem to piss someone else and their country off, there by leading to the risk of another war.  I have no doubt that I've left out some very important and critical issues.  This is just a list of the issues I've been unable to ignore even when I refuse to read a newspaper, watch a news report, or allow anyone who has done one or both of those things to enlighten me.

So as an American born, middle class, middle aged, church going, registered to vote but not registered to any political party, extremely practical, somewhat conservative, don't so much mind paying my taxes but do mind seeing my tax dollars wasted, no matter how hard I try even I'm not completely oblivious to our country's problems, mother of two, who likes candlelit dinners, and long walks on the beach I ask you.... WHY DO WE NEED TO COLONIZE THE MOON??  Do we not have enough challenges here on Earth in this country?  And it's not like the answers to our problems here are going to be found on the moon.

I do not vote based on whether someone is a Republican or a Democrat.  I vote for whichever pretentious idiot I think will do the least amount of damage for the time they're in office.  Gingrich's plan to "colonize the Moon" makes as much sense to me as Obama's plan for "a mission to Mars".  Mars, there's another place I don't think we're going to find any answers to our problems.  The truth is Obama wasn't my pretentious idiot of choice in 08' and I don't think Gingrich is going to be my pretentious idiot of choice in 12'.

Then again maybe I'm wrong, and maybe the answers to all of America's problems can be found on the Moon or Mars.  I guess there's only one way to find out...strap the two of them to a rocket and shoot em' up there to check it out.  And thanks you two, thanks so much!  You'll probably never know just how much the American people preciatecha!


  1. love it mandy. i know it's not meant to be funny but i couldn't help but laugh. i agree w/your opinions. and im so glad you added toilet paper to the list of things that people were doing w/out... lol i was worried about their hygeine myself

    1. Thanks Crystal. Honestly we might as well laugh as cry. And toilet paper is important,I don't know of anyone who wants to do without it! :)