Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pinterest Is A Lot Of Pressure!

A couple of months ago after reading of every one's excitement about it I decided to start a Pinterest account.  I pulled up the website, requested an invite, and was placed on a waiting list.  Now I realize that patience is a virtue, it just doesn't happen to be one of my virtues.  I'm more of an instant gratification girl.  So this waiting list concept bothered me a little a lot, but I was prepared to wait because they gave me no choice.  Weeks later I was still waiting but one of my coworkers finally got to set up her account and sent me an invite.

The truth is I didn't truly understand what Pinterest was, and honestly I still don't.  I accepted my invitation, set up my account, and immediately became overwhelmed.  There are boards, pins, likes, and this thing called pin etiquette.  Pin etiquette?!?!  What if I get it wrong and inadvertently offend one of my pinning neighbors?!?!  What if they won't be my pinfriends?!?!

It's been three weeks and I have only worked up the nerve to like one thing.  But don't those look delicious?  This comes from a sight called

I keep receiving email notifications that my Facebook friends are now following me on Pinterest. (and since the above picture is all I have to offer at the moment I'm guessing that journey ain't taking them very long)  So this is it...I'm going to get my act together and start making boards, and pinning things, and liking stuff, and making comments.  I'm going to try not to offend my pinning neighbors, I'm going to make new pinfriends, and I'm not going to bore my 11 12 followers.  But if anyone knows of a Pinterest support group could you please pen me an invite?

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