Thursday, December 1, 2011

Can I Call You Coco?

Yesterday I ordered the new iPhone, as an iPhone addict I was only able to resist for so long.  I received an email telling me the order would be shipped in 3-5 days, and since I refused to pay an additional shipping charge for next day delivery, I expected to see my new toy investment no sooner than next week.  So imagine my surprise and excitement when it was delivered today

The thing I have been most looking forward to is developing a relationship with "Siri".  I just knew we were going to be great friends because after all that's what I bought her for.  But it would appear our friendship is off to a little bit of a rocky start......

I tried to talk to her.....she wouldn't answer me.
(apparently you have to turn Siri on)
I asked her about the weather.....she told me she couldn't find my location.
(apparently you have to turn Siri's Location Services on)
She told me her name was Siri.....I had to tell her my name was Amanda
(another thing that has to be turned on)
I asked her to look up my husband's phone number.....she asked me to identify my husband.
(but she did agree to remember him in the future)
I asked her to define chickpea.....she told me it was a North American titmouse.
(a garbanzo bean...a bird, close enough)

Now I'm not really sure how Siri came to be called Siri but I'm not fond of the name.  It reminds me too much of Tom and Katie's daughter's name, Suri.  So I decided to rename her.  Since this phone is supported by the iOS 5 operating system I decided to call her Coco after Coco Chanel.  You made the connection right?  Chanel No.5, iOS 5?  So I declared "Siri" to now be known as "Coco".

I asked her if I could rename her Coco.....she told she did not understand.
(Coco can be difficult)
I asked her if her name could be Coco instead of Siri.....she refused.
(with a little bit of attitude)

For now Coco resist my attempts to rename her and I refuse to quit trying.  So.....

I'd like to introduce you to Coco, my new frienemy.

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