Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Greeting The Breaking Dawn: Part I

....the first half

Last Thursday when the alarm went off at 5:09 a.m. everyone at my house knew it would be almost 24 hours before we would be in our beds again.  As I mentioned before our family is a bunch of twi-hards, and Twilight Saga events have become a full family affair, you can read about that here

The night before we did all the necessary planning, because you know how I love a plan!  Our group consisted of seven people.  L, myself, GG, NG, L's niece J, J's friend A.D., and my cousin's wife K, and the plan went like this....

L and I would come home after work, pick up the girls, and drive right back to town.  I had a prior obligation for that evening and wasn't going to be free until after 8 pm.  So J agreed to pick up the Girls and take them to the theatre with her.  They would meet up with A.D. and get in line.  L would stay with me and we would meet up with them as soon as I was finished.  K planned on joining us all at the theatre a little later.

Shortly after 8 pm L and I were on our way, about 5 minutes before we got there GG called to tell us they had already been seated and to come straight into the theatre.  So when we arrived L and I went right to the front and declared ourselves to be "Theatre 1", the gentleman ripped our tickets in half and directed us in.  K joined us about 20 minutes later.  Now with our group complete there was nothing to do but amuse ourselves for the next 3 1/2 hours.

I bet you're wondering what someone might do to pass several hours in a rapidly filling movie theatre while waiting on the much anticipated midnight movie.  Well here are some of the events that passed the time:
  • Played games on our iPhones.
  • J and A.D. made a trip to the concession stand.
  • J yanked a large bag of Reese's Pieces in half and scattered them all over her lap.
  • A.D., GG, NG, and I frantically gathered Reese's Pieces while J sat very still so as not to knock any more into the floor.
  • Dug through my purse in search of a Ziploc baggie to house the remaining Reese's Pieces.
  • Took pictures.
  • A.D. and I took turns looking for a familiar face every time we heard someone call our name. 
  • Chatted amongst ourselves.
  • Chatted with other people who were in the same theatre. (some we knew, some we didn't)
  • Looked at pictures. (apparently I'm not the only one that never clears off the memory card)
  • Facebooked with other people we knew who were in different theatres. 
  • Facebooked with each other. (Don't judge, sometimes an lol is just better than actually lol'ing)
  • Discussed the joy and happiness of a Coke Icee. (not to be confused with a slush puppy, aka: a slurpy dog)
  • Discovered that K had never experienced the joy and happiness of a Coke Icee. (Apparently they do not have these in Canada.)
  • Took K to the concession stand to purchase the joy and happiness of a Coke Icee.
  • J shared her love and appreciation of the Dave Matthews Band with GG and NG.
  • NG dissed the Dave Matthews Band, J retaliated.
  • A.D. discreetly told me who the Dave Matthews Band was. (as I was unaware of their talent and abilities, but was ashamed afraid to admit that fact to J)
  • Checked on L to make sure he wasn't foaming at the mouth from some kind of estrogen induced anaphylactic shock. (He was fine.  He lives in a house full of females, he's built up quite a tolerance)
  • Discussed how A.D. had successfully smuggled a quesadilla into the theatre for supper.
  • And then contemplated what made her choose a quesadilla.  
  • Discussed the movie J. Edgar. (I didn't know who he was either, apparently I live under a rock)
  • L indiscreetly told me who J. Edgar Hoover was, I retaliated. 
  • Took our scheduled 11:30 pm bathroom break 15 minutes early.

Finally it was time!!  The lights began to dim, the theatre as a whole was warned to keep all cell phones/ filming devices put away or risk being removed, and the movie screen lit up.  Just as the Dolby surround sound began it's warm up K let out a war whoop that would have made Chief Sitting Bull proud, and was met with the applause of the theatre!

The movie was great!  I won't give any details, but if you're planning to see it stay through the credits.  There's a small scene at the very end you won't want to miss.

When the movie was over K went home, but the rest of us headed across town to IHOP for a really early breakfast.  Have you ever noticed that there's always one loud rowdy group that really should start winding down but is still drinking caffeine drinks and pumping their systems full of unneeded sugar?!?!  Yep, that was us!!  We were that crazy, over hyper, loud "hope they tip good and leave soon" group of yahoos.  We had a blast!!

At 4:30 am we arrived back home and immediately went to bed.  After grabbing a few hours sleep L went hunting, but the Girls and I lounged around the house all day in our pajamas discussing our night, speculating about the next movie, and planning our next Twilight Saga event.  You'd think we were fans or something!

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