Thursday, September 8, 2011

It Takes A Village

This weekend L and I decided to take GG and NG to Har-Ber Village for the day. 

Har-Ber Village was created by Harvey and Bernice Jones, and is an incredible collection of antiques and artifacts from days gone by.   It's relatively inexpensive and extremely enlightening.

So after getting up as early that morning as we would on any regular work/ school day (we were all really excited about that), we hit the road to travel back in time.  I entered the necessary information into Big Momma aka The Garmin and we were off, like a herd of turtles.  Thanks to Big Momma we arrived at our destination just as the village was opening.  Although unless you're looking for a cheap thrill ride, or just want to try out your new prescription for motion sickness pills, I recommend overriding the original route through Missouri and going via Siloam Springs, AR.  It'll cost you a quarter on the turnpike but your stomach will thank you.

We were given a brochure at the entrance to explain the village exhibits along the self guided tour.  There are even arrows on the ground to show the direction of travel, and yet I will admit there were a couple of times we still managed to get confused.  I'm blaming that on the sudden shift in weather!

The great thing about this village is you can move at your own pace, which as I mentioned before, wasn't real quick.  So we sauntered along happily looking at the exhibits, answering the Girls questions, snapping pictures, and in general having a jolly good time. 

A particularly entertaining moment for L and I was when the Girls began coming to the realization that the tools found in the doctor's and dentist's office weren't really all that much more advanced than those found in the barber shop.  

During our tour we came upon a sign telling us one of the squirrels has actually taken up residency in one of the exhibits.  And based on the fact that he chose to live in the "Ozark Mountain Still" I would have to say he's a lush!

The entire village is made up of 115 exhibits.  Some of them only dating back to the Vietnam War, while others date back almost 200 years.  There were items we hadn't seen in years, and others that we will never see anywhere but there.  

After finishing up the tour we all climbed back in the truck to head home.  I hit the home button on Big Momma and promptly joined the Girls for a little afternoon nap.  I figured one female voice telling L how to drive was enough.  

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